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"Mombi" Snakeskin Printed and Embossed Calfskin Leather Earrings (NOT Actual Snakeskin)

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Raise your hand if you remember Mombi, the head-switching, beautiful but tyrannical sorceress who commands the maniacal Wheelers in Return to Oz. These colors reminded me of her magnificent 80's bronze makeup and the Rebel style especially reminded me of the spectacular metal collar she wore.  

A very boho style earring, too, if you ask me.

Note, these are not made of snakeskin. They are a snakeskin print on calfskin that has been embossed so it has a texture to it to make it look like snakeskin. Does that make sense? If not, let me know and I'll try to explain it better. 

Mombi is a limited edition printed leather earring collection and is available in our 3 signature fringe styles while my supply lasts. The red and gold snakeskin-embossed leather has a confident vibe that will turn heads. Designed to Ignite Your Innate Power! You're a babe- own it! 


  • Handmade leather earrings made in Seattle, WA, USA
  • Choose Gold-filled or sterling silver delicate hoops. 
  • 8mm Logo- hexagon charms are raw brass, and can be reversed to blank or removed if it's not your jam.
  • Each design measures 4.5" from the top of hoop to the tip of the longest point.
  • Approx 1.5 grams per earring (think long paperclip).
  • Ethically sourced, upcycled earrings made from calfskin.
  • Makes a favorite gift for stylish women in your life!