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  • Teal blue/green snakeskin leather fringe earrings on delicate gold hoop with small hexagon logo charm made from raw brass. Hanging from earring card with black and white image of artist woman and her dude dressed up.
  • Model with long wavy thick brown hair that is shaved on the side. She wears a tank top and has tattoos. She is sitting on stairs modeling mixed print layered fringe gold thin hoop earrings with brass hexagon charm.
  • Female model with short brown hair wears a cream silk blouse and sits at a table with a vase of purple flowers in front of her. She is modeling tan suede layered boho style fringe earrings on 20mm gold hoops with small gold colored brass hexagon charm
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"Emerald City Lights" Teal Snakeskin Lightweight Earrings

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Ignite Your IN8POWER- awaken those sexy, confident vibes within!

The Emerald City Lights snakeskin fringe dangle earring collection is truly distinctive and very limited. Edgy, angled layers of dark teal snakeskin adorn delicate gold-filled hoops or sterling silver hoops (your choice), making these extremely lightweight earrings that will make a statement without feeling like your average statement earrings. These are excellent earrings for sensitive ears that don't like being pulled.

This is a truly limited edition collection as I don't have much of this gorgeous snakeskin in stock. Available in all three of our signature earring styles until they're not! 

Note: Apologies for the black and white photo of the Minimalist Style earrings. I assure you if you purchase them in that style, they will arrive in full color, lol.


  • Choose delicate gold fill hoops or delicate sterling silver hoops. What is gold fill? Gold fill is hoops is where gold is bonded to a copper (in our case) core. More gold is used in this application than with the application of gold plating and the bonding method makes the gold last much longer than plating without the expense of solid gold. More bang for your buck! 
  • Our signature Logo hexagon charms are raw brass, reversible (no logo on the other side).
  • Lenth measures 4.5" from the top of the hoop to the tip of the longest point. For most these will barely brush the shoulder. However, if you do identify as someone with a shorter neck, these will flip out on their own and create a very flattering and whimsical layered look. Win/Win! 
  • These earrings will not tear or damage your earlobes. Each earring weighs approximately 1 gram (think one paperclip).