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Sex-positivity, consent, pleasure, and DIY meme culture converge as an indie-electronic duo and lifestyle designers, IN8SOCIETY, release their self-produced debut single, LOVE BUZZ. 

IN8SOCIETY’s Jerrica & Kelly pay homage to their 90’s Pacific Northwest grunge roots AND their 80’s Northern European electronic proclivities with their relentless dark synth wave rendition of the classic tune which unleashes vibrating trance arpeggiated bass drones, layers of thick vintage synth and Jerrica’s commanding, darkly arresting lead vocals.

On LOVE BUZZ, the duo have slightly updated the main theme with timely messages of sex-positivity, consent, and pleasure as a human right, intending the record, and IN8SOCIETY as a brand, to breathe life into what modern social activism is becoming, and boldly announcing that expressing your passion through art for positive social change is synergistic and mutually elevating. 

Originally released in 1969 by female-fronted Dutch rock band Shocking Blue and subsequently covered by Seattle’s iconic punk band Nirvana, as the first single off their debut 1989 album “Bleach”,  IN8SOCIETY’s debut release celebrates the song’s 40th anniversary and history, with feminist aplomb, heroic bravado and the blissfully anthemic refrain “You’re the Queen! You’re the Queen! You’re the Queen!”