Collage of selfies of women wearing IN8SOCIETY's IN8POWER Unique Leather Earrings

There's a reason IN8POWER Handmade Leather Earrings have a cult-following in Seattle...See why women buy several pairs of our unique lightweight statement earrings.

  • "I shop In8Society for 3 reasons: 1) Supporting a badass, local artist who puts love and energy into every piece created. 2) When I want a unique gift for others, or a treat for myself, I can always find something perfect. 3) The earrings FABULOUS. Light, flirty, great quality, easy to wear, and always noticed by others. Oh, and their hoop back makes them great for wearing with masks because they don't fall off. 

    Shop small, treat yourself, feel the mojo that comes with each pair of these awesome earrings and know you're spending your money with a company who truly does give a damn." 

    -Sarah Z, Seattle WA

  • "Wearing my In8society earrings make me feel confident and beautiful. They are lightweight and unique and come in so many incredible colors and patterns.  Each time I wear a pair I get stopped and asked about them. I absolutely LOVE my In8society earrings." -Jennifer L, San Diego
  • “IN8POWER earrings are so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing them! I love how simple they look when hanging straight down, but when I turn my head or move, they playfully sway revealing the separate pieces. I feel like a younger, cooler version of myself when I wear them!” -Ellen W, Seattle, WA
  • "IN8POWER earrings help me feel like myself, but like the most fierce, free, badass version of myself. Because they are so light, I can wear them dancing or flying or even just when I need midweek reminder of who I am!" -Kathleen D, Seattle WA 
  • "I match my earrings to my mood—I reach for my IN8POWER earrings whenever I want to feel confident and powerful. I wear them when I want to stand out and I always get compliments on them. I also love how versatile these earrings are—they’re perfect for dressing up a tee shirt and jeans or for adding some edge to a softer, more feminine look." -Erin L, Seattle WA
  • “When I need a boost of confidence, I wear my in8POWER earrings. They make me feel confident and beautiful. I feel like an awesome rock-girl that can conquer the world!” -Maayan H, Seattle WA
  • I actually call them my Power Earrings because every time I put them on I feel taller, stronger, and sexier. I've worn them onstage with my band a lot, and I sometimes wear them during important business meetings. They're big enough to get attention but light as a feather, a perfect combo." -Alicia D, Seattle, WA
  • "When I wear Jerrica's earrings, I honestly feel like a badass.  They are one of a kind earrings that make me stand out.  I knew when a MAN complimented my earrings that dang, Jerrica's designs are LEGIT!  They are chic and unique.  Best of all, they are lightweight!  My ears have taken years of abuse from heavy earrings and IN8POWER earrings are the perfect antidote." -Carrie R Seattle, WA
  • "I really love my earrings! They make me feel like standing up for people and asking for a raise. Thank you so much for creating them!"                    -Beth Anne P, VA 
  • "I wore these for a VERY important meeting and everything I asked for was approved! Later that night they were the perfect addition to my date-outfit to the symphony!" -Megan N Chicago, IL
  • "When I'm wearing my IN8POWER earrings, I feel like I'm expressing my true creative, bold, ambitious, authentic self. I have half a dozen pairs and each one has its place in my wardrobe. Wearing IN8POWER earrings helps put my shine on full display, which allows others to shine, too!"         -Ebba L, Seattle WA
  • "I love love love my in8power earrings! I feel ready for fun (and maybe a little trouble) when I'm wearing them, even if I'm just running errands or chasing my kids. And they're so light, I don't even notice them in my ears. Love!" -Megan L, SanFrancisco
  • "I love wearing simple and comfortable outfits with an amazing pair of earrings and feeling like I stand out even in a white v-neck and jeans. My IN8SOCIETY earrings are a go to, to sexy up my Jeans and Tee uniform." -Becca B, Las Vegas
  • “Every time I rock my in8power earrings I feel like a total badass. They reflect my values of art, freedom, fun, uniqueness and authentic self-expression. The coolest thing is when meaning and style come together so beautifully. To me, they're more than just jewelry, they're a statement!” -Amber H, Seattle, WA
  • "In8power earrings are so gorgeous and well-made. When I wear them I feel like I don’t need any other jewelry. They always complete my outfit & make me feel so confident.  I love wearing them so much!" -Pinar I, Seattle, WA
  •  "These earrings look great with everything! They're well-made, stylish, and a perfect handmade addition to my wardrobe." - Amanda P Seattle, WA
  •  "I get compliments on these earrings EVERY time I wear them! I love how light they are!" -Jennifer Swanson Rodgers, Seattle, WA

My gratitude runs deep for the statements made about the earrings I craft with my own hands, and imbue with confident and powerful energy! Based on these reviews...it works! To see more selfies of women wearing their IN8POWER Earrings, Check out my "IN8WOMEN" Highlights  on Instagram. 


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