Hey Friend, 

You need to know this. This is my why...

I make lightweight statement earrings to remind you that who you are innately is sensual and powerful and worthy of all the confidence in the world.

You don't need societal (or familial) expectations to define you- you're already who you were intended to be and it captivates me. Seriously- I mean that. You have something truly special to say to and show the world. That's why you are here in this crazy realm of existence- you have inherent purpose!

When I meet you (or if I have already), I will be fascinated by the fact that you are unlike anyone I've ever met and this truth is some kind of wonderful, isn't it? Like how no two snowflakes are alike, or fingerprints- we are all such unique individuals and it's beautiful and mystical.

I don't believe that our opinions and beliefs should divide us...I believe they should bring us together to converse and learn about all that is different from ourselves. Our differences should blow our minds wide open to the reality of how extraordinarily vast this place we exist together in is!

Whether you buy earrings from me or not, that is how I feel about you, from one sovereign and fascinating soul to another. I hope you join my community of empowered women be it via email (form on home page toward bottom) or Instagram or TikTok. I would be honored for our shared energy to uplift each other! 



Punk styled IN8SOCIETY artist with blonde mohawk, sunglasses, dressed in sleeveless black bustier and leather pants with a chain belt holds a sign handwritten on cardboard in thick black ink that says "You're the Queen"

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