Welcome to IN8SOCIETY; I am grateful you are here! 
As you have guessed, IN8SOCIETY is about more than symbolic earrings; it’s a movement for women’s empowerment. It’s 2021 and women* are STILL dealing with ridiculous and antiquated expectations from society and even our families! What’s more is how many of us don’t even realize it’s happening because we are SO indoctrinated! IN8SOCIETY is the network of women standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity to expose and change these narratives. IN8POWER Earrings are symbolic of the decision you have made to shed the familial and societal expectations made of you and take back your power as well as your support for others in their process. Thank goddess we have each other to walk this leg of our journey with. 
My name is Jerrica and this is my passion. I am a one-woman show (for now) and am thrilled to bring my made-to-order, thoughtfully handcrafted creations to you! My customers are my beloved bread and butter and are overwhelmingly repeat customers, buying for themselves and others. IN8POWER earrings are almost weightless because we don’t need any extra baggage to carry, and they are made with fine metals and quality genuine leather (often upcycled, always ethical) that only gets better with age- like us! The logo charm allows us to recognize each other as allies doing the work to make society a more equitable and fulfilling place for us. 
Be sure to see the newest arrivals first by joining the email list and following me on Instagram @in_8_society. You can also message me anytime to ask if I have any new leathers. It takes me time to get photos up but I can easily shoot you a photo of what I have in stock. I love conversing with you and I am a real human so don’t be shy about asking! Be warned that clients who tag me in their posts often show up in my stories! I LOVE seeing your beautiful, confident faces and showing you off making IN8POWER earrings look fantastic!
*I will add that men are not immune to societal and familial expectations. Of course I fully support men out there doing the work to unlearn their burdens as well.