WHO?! WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! 😍

Raising kids, running businesses, making food, making art, making love… ahh, so many “fun” things to do! 😍Jerrica and Kelly here, welcome to IN8SOCIETY!
⚡️We want to inspire you to step outside familial and societal expectations, uncover your innate strengths and confidently share your vision and talents with the world!
🔥As artists and entrepreneurs, we are strengthening socially empowering relationships between music, art and fashion that celebrate stories of diversity, encourage enthusiastic advocacy, and inspire bold action.
⚡️ We accomplish this by:
-Creating thoughtful, emotionally powerful electronic music and videos that reflect the inner and outer evolution we are all going through, with all the struggles AND pleasures.
-Designing bold and engaging, prosocial fashion and jewelry, including our signature IN8POWER Earrings.
-Growing a thriving community and artist business around a lifestyle of creating, designing, experimenting, and PLAYING!
🔥Sometimes dreams of purpose, fulfillment and pleasure are closer than you realize. We’re going for it!
⚡️Join us in turning real life struggles, victories and dreams of a more equitable world into ART so we can heal our collective wounds, defend our planet and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible!
🔥What visions do you have that you want to bring into the world?
🏋🏽‍♀️What is holding you back?
🏆Join our FB GROUP and let us know. Let’s do this!
-xo jerrica & kelly
(she/her & he/them)

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