Meme that reads "There is Always A Solution"

There is Always A Solution

During an intense post-divorce assets meeting I sat in with my partner, his ex, and her partner, there became a point when things seemed bleak and we'd hit a collective wall. During a moment of palpable silence, his ex (a psychologist) said, "There's Always A Solution." We took a few moments and when we reconvened, a solution that seemed so...simple appeared 💡. That phrase has stuck with me ever since. It used to be that I would give up or avoid the hard things because I would flippantly decide there was no good solution. But just having her say that (and I remember thinking "she would know that because she is a psychologist") has changed my perspective on tackling's never just black and white; there is a solution in that grey area- oftentimes several solutions. And now I see that so clearly. Sometimes the solution appears swiftly and sometimes I have to be patient and let my mind chew on it in the background while I go about my business. But, without fail, the solution pops in like, "how did you not see me? I've been here all along"! 😆 It's almost become a game now when I have hurdles, and I am still awestruck when the clouds part and the solution shines like the 🌞. I am gifting this phrase to you in the hopes that it helps you in bleak times (and not bleak times). 🥰🙌💪

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