Meet Jerrica, IN8POWER Earring Maker and IN8SOCIETY Founder!

Meet Jerrica, IN8POWER Earring Maker and IN8SOCIETY Founder!

Artist Jerrica of IN8SOCIETY sits cross legged atop wooden perch smiling and barefoot. Wearing a sleeveless black jumpsuit from Lemerde with the knees cut out. Sitting against a white wall with light shone from the right, creating a shadow of her profile on the wall to her left. Short wavy blonde hair, smiling.

Thanks for being part of my community. I truly value each of you! Every time I see a new member on social media I click on your profile to "meet" you and every time a new member signs up for my newsletter my faith in humanity is restored. Seriously- it means the world to me that you are here. So, thank you. Without further ado, here's a bit of scoop about me and why I do what I do. 

If you're here, you know I handmake lightweight leather earrings that remind you that your authentic self and innate power are true gifts to this existence and societal expectations can eff right off.

This business came about in 2017 as I was beginning to go through a personal overhaul. I spent most of my life trying to convince the important people in my family that who I was authentically was enough and awesome. I was criticised often for not being the girl/woman *they* had hoped I'd be. I know they loved and cared for me, but I was often called "cooky" and my thoughts were dismissed if they weren't in alignment with their thoughts. Yet, I continued to share them, much to their annoyance.

Finally, around age 35, I started paying more attention to my needs and my voice. I started to make choices for myself and stopped being afraid of the resulting predictable criticisms I would have to endure for making those choices. I shaved half my hair off, got a couple more piercings and tattoos I had been wanting since I was in college, and I started creating again. IN8POWER earrings were born of this creative revival and I was encouraged by the rad, feminist women in my mom's group to go into business. From that moment I've had help from so many business savvy friends and other makers and it's been so much fun and hard work but rewarding to watch my business grow little by little. After all, I was told it would never amount to anything (in other words, if I didn't work for Amazon or Google, "I" would not amount to anything 🙄).

Fun Facts about me:

  • I am a Sagittarius through and through.
  • I live part time with my supportive co-parenting partner (whom I started dating in high school), 2 kiddos, 2 cats (in a 1000sf DADU we built in our backyard) and part time with my amazing creative partner.
  • I've had one emergency c-section and one home birth, in that order.
  • I quit caffeine in July but still drink decaf bulletproof coffee in the morning (the ritual is necessary).
  • I enjoy a low-carb lifestyle.
  • I quit alcohol to support someone I care about who wanted to get sober and haven't looked back.
  • I have adhd and I hyperfocus especially on ingredients in food, when cleaning and organizing or when I want to learn more about something that interests me. I also love doing work that allows for variety and creativity! Hence I work for myself as both an organizer and cleaner as well as a maker! 
  • I am a cheerleader for the people and things I love and admire. I will promote the heck outta things I am exited about (see the blog about Making Local, the values-based small, independent business directory I am PUMPED about that I wanted to build myself but didn't know how to and clearly this was Sarah's calling). 
  • I still have "Pinkette" my blankie from when I was little.
  • I went to catholic school through college but my my family is not catholic.
  • I've always lived in Seattle, mostly Ballard.
  • I worked for over a decade starting in college at a small, women's boutique called Yazdi where I worked beside and the most incredible women. I bonded with some amazing customers and loved outfitting and accessorizing them so they felt confident and stylish.
  • I am obsessed with Zevia (decaf cola and ginger root beer flavors).
  • I am an ambivert, meaning that I can be outgoing and chatty one minute and the next introverted and shy.
  • I love to sing and have a couple cover songs on Spotify with my creative partner (IN8SOCIETY on Spotify also there's a music video on You Tube under IN8SOCIETY).
  • I would love to have a pet crow, squirrel, raccoon, and bat.
  • For humanity's sake I will push for laws that hold news media outlets (on both sides) and social media accountable for the things they report because I believe there is more love than hate but that we are being shown by algorithms what is needed to suit political agendas.
  • I question everything and trust my gut.
  • I like turtles (anyone get that reference 😂).

If you read all of this, I freaking love you. ❤ If you resonated with anything here or wish to share anything about you, I love getting emails from my people! I welcome your words anytime.

Photo cred to one of my very best friends, artist and vintage shop owner Debi Boyette (@LeMerde)

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