How Gratitude Journaling is an Act of Self-Love that is Saving My Life!

How Gratitude Journaling is an Act of Self-Love that is Saving My Life!

Gratitude ADTTDID (All Day Til The Day I Die).

When I acronymed (making that an official word btw) that I thought it was pretty dope that it kind of looks like ATTITUDE. Gratitude Attitude. Ok, before I digress...

Gratitude Journaling is SAVING MY LIFE, y'all! I have known for years that journaling was something I should do for my self-care, but every time I would buy a new journal specifically for it, I would open it up and my mind was suddenly nowhere to be found. No words, no idea what to write about, and everything personal felt so trivial and also...I had to hide in the bathroom for peace and quiet (I know you feel me) because kids.

Fast forward to covid times and schlepping that onto some already dark feels, I was desperate to find joy. In my random ADHD Instagram scrolling and clicking on all the things, I came upon (I am certain by no accident) a mini daily email thingamajig called "Happily Ever After- A (Self) Love Story" on the Olivine Atelier website. Mind you, this is a website that sells curated perfumes (not my thing but it's a gorgeous site and Julie's Instagram is worth following just for something your soul will enjoy) and - randomly - also sells this online "class" that delivers daily emails with bite-sized self-care ideas for busy women (hello). Long story short, I signed up for the free trial which gets you the first 4 days of emails (of 28 days). The takeaway for me in just those first 4 emails was a truly transformational and SIMPLE daily journaling exercise. I will share these easy steps below because if my ADHD-running-in-5-directions-at-any-given-time a$$ can do this, so can you! And also, it's fun to buy a new beautiful journal and pen specifically for it. Hmmm...maybe I will make some gratitude journals for y'all, too (because I like to keep piling stuff to do on my plate) and I clearly have spare leather (proof). Oh- Pen to Paper is important here. Your brain manifests stuff better that way! Ok, are you ready to feel a shift in your well-being?! I sure felt different after the first day and it's only gone up from there. I've been doing it for about a month now. I will share the link to Julie's class at the end for those of you who want to look into it. It's very affordable and you are so worthy!

By the way, I should add that I am not being paid to sell her course or anything. I truly am sharing because it made an impact on me and when things help me- I like to share them far and wide. We'll all get by with a little help from our friends and I would be thrilled to explain any of it further or nerd out with you if you're down! I love talking about this stuff! Comment below or contact me! 

5 Simple Steps to Daily Gratitude Journaling* for Well-being Magic (with examples)! 

 *Remember, Pen to Paper.

Step 1- Write down your daily Mantra.

Date your entry. Then, write down a Mantra for the day. You can come up with one on your own or use an app. I use an app called Mantra. I also try to post one in my Instagram stories every day for y'all so if you aren't already following me, doaaaat (@in_8_society)! Remember, Mantras are intentional statements for you. They are not wishy-washy and not about or for anyone else. Ex. "I am creative and bursting with brilliant ideas." Don't be afraid to be bold in your intentional statements of self. Own your amazing and wonderful skills and characteristics. Own the fact that you are loved, appreciated, and very much meant to be here just as you are.

Step 2- List 3 things you can do to make today shine. 

What are 3 realistic things you can do today that you will be glad you did at the end of the day? These can be simple goals. Start with one or two things you maybe already do that make your day better. For example, maybe you already drink X ounces of water each day and that is self-care and doing that makes your day better! The idea is that you want to feel you accomplished some goals at the end of the day no matter how small. Just need to tell your brain you can do the things you set out to do.

Step 3 - List 3 Gratitudes and WHY you are grateful for them.

The "why" here is important. How does having this thing you are grateful for in your life make you feel? How does it impact you? This doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out entry. Just name each gratitude and the reason you are grateful for it. Ex. "I am grateful Corinne wanted to start her own gratitude journal and journal with me this morning. Having traditions that allow us to connect in gratitude makes me feel loved and joyful in my soul and I am glad to teach her the value of this practice while she is young." True story and my daughter is 7. PS- you can write more than 3. 

Step 4 - Write down the best thing that happened that day. Then spend 30 seconds with your eyes closed replaying it in your mind. 

At the end of your day, take a moment to reflect. What was the best thing that happened that day? Again, doesn't have to be long- just what it was and a brief summary. The 30-second visualization is key

Step 5 - Repeat Step 3

Yes, 3 more gratitudes! Things happened today that made you smile! 

Bonus Step 6 (and it's POWERFUL) - Write a compliment to yourself. 

I'll be frank- we've been conditioned by capitalists to hate on ourselves so we keep buying their shit to make us feel better. Let's accept that that is a construct and get in the habit of loving ourselves. What is something innate to you that is worthy of mention? Even more effective- say this compliment to yourself out loud while looking into your own eyes in a mirror. LIKE A BOSS! 

So, there you have it! This is a simple and efficient act of self-love that is all your own. No need to come up with journal prompt ideas, either.  And side-bonus, it counts as meditation. It's visual, calming, and really helps us realize that many things truly happen in our days to be grateful for. The little things become bigger and more noticeable in the best way possible. And I have to say, since I started this, some doors have opened for me that I can only explain as gifts from the universe. I've also noticed I haven't had any big dips in my mood and the only "change" to my medication schedule is this! I've felt calmer, more positive, and more present as well. And I've felt less critical of myself and more supportive of my inner child. I guess I'd say I feel more grounded and appreciative for this life and for the gifts I have been given. 

If you liked this and some friends of yours have come to mind while reading, by all means, pass this along to them. Share all things LOVE! 

As promised, here is the link to Julie's Happily Ever After- A (self) Love Story.

And I should probably plug my business, too. Come and visit my shop at

Thanks for reading this! I love you! 


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