Lightweight Leather Statement Earrings as Exceptional as YOU!

IN8POWER Earrings are feminine and distinctive – edgy, even – but balanced by a subtle softness. They’re feather-light, making them comfortable for all-day wear. They age beautifully, with each pair developing unique character over time (and if that’s not a metaphor for life, I don’t know what is). In other words, they’re as multifaceted as you are. Wear these when you want to awaken the confident and sexy woman within you! The compliments you'll receive – and believe me, you’ll get plenty – are a nice bonus.  Ignite Your IN8POWER and get yourself a pair stat!

  • "Every time I rock my IN8POWER earrings I feel like a total badass. They reflect my values of art, freedom, fun, uniqueness and authentic self-expression. The coolest thing is when meaning and style come together so beautifully. To me, they're more than just jewelry, they're a statement!"

    -Amber Rochelle , Empath Empowerment Mentor

  • "I actually call them my Power Earrings because every time I put them on I feel taller, stronger, and sexier. I've worn them onstage with my band a lot, and I sometimes wear them during important business meetings. They're big enough to get attention but light as a feather, a perfect combo."

    -Alicia Dara, Power Voice Coach for Professional Women

  • "I match my earrings to my mood- I reach for my IN8POWER earrings whenever I want to feel confident and powerful."

    -Erin Lancione, CEO at Rising Tide Copywriting

  • "I love my IN8Society earrings! I love wearing beautiful jewelry made by a woman who is focused on lifting others up and empowering women to embrace their most confident, badass selves. This is more than a product, it's a magical movement." - Jen Minnich, Energy Healer

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  • Shop IN8SOCIETY & More at Seattle Area Maker Markets!

    Hands down my favorite way to sell earrings! The maker community is generous, kind, hilarious and so freaking talented! Get your Handmade Holiday gift shopping done in a fun environment full of creative energy. You can't buy this awesomeness on Amazon, that's for damn sure!

    Here's where you can find me popping up next!

  • Small batch limited edition designer leather earrings by Seattle Maker, IN8SOCIETY. IN8POWER lightweight earrings in snakeprint leather, with greige and titanium tones paired with black levis, a vuori tee, and Carhartt beanie.

    Friends with Benefits!

    I post my super limited edition and one of a kind designer leather earrings on Instagram first where they get purchased quickly! Hit that button below to Follow IN8SOCIETY so you can snatch 'em up before someone else does! This number here made my grunge-gal heart scream so loud another grunge-gal heard me and had to have them! The struggle is real- get some!

  • Hella Grateful for my Supporters!

    I am humbled by my ever-supportive clients and friends who return again and again to invest in my success. This business exists because of the encouragement, generosity, and support I receive from truly remarkable souls that lift me up. I am proud of what this business represents and of how much it has grown. Thank You for walking beside me on my journey. I am grateful for you.

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