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“Every time I rock my IN8POWER earrings I feel like a total badass. They reflect my values of art, freedom, fun, uniqueness and authentic self-expression. The coolest thing is when meaning and style come together so beautifully. To me, they're more than just jewelry, they're a statement!”

Amber Rochelle, Intuitive Life Coach, Seattle, WA

“I actually call them my Power Earrings because every time I put them on I feel taller, stronger, and sexier. I've worn them onstage with my band a lot, and I sometimes wear them during important business meetings. They're big enough to get attention but light as a feather, a perfect combo."

Alicia Dara, Power Voice Coach, Seattle, WA

"When I'm wearing my IN8POWER earrings, I feel like I'm expressing my true creative, bold, ambitious, authentic self. I have half a dozen pairs and each one has its place in my wardrobe. Wearing IN8POWER earrings helps put my shine on full display, which allows others to shine, too!"

Ebba Lucander, Entrepreneur, Auburn, WA

 “When I need a boost of confidence, I wear my IN8POWER earrings. They make me feel confident and beautiful. I feel like an awesome rock-girl that can conquer the world!” -Maayan Haim, Visual Artist & Web Designer, Seattle, WA

 "I love love love my IN8POWER earrings! I feel ready for fun (and maybe a little trouble) when I'm wearing them, even if I'm just running errands or chasing my kids. And they're so light, I don't even notice them in my ears. Love!" - Megan Lewis, Attorney, San Francisco, CA

"I really love my earrings! They make me feel like standing up for people and asking for a raise!" - Beth Anne, Bristol, VA

"I get compliments on these earrings EVERY time I wear them! I love how light they are!" -Jennifer Swanson Rodgers, Seattle, WA

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